Smokin’ Tony Smoked…

“I’ve instructed the Liberal Party to accept no further donations from tobacco companies,” Mr Abbott said in Sydney.

“I don’t want Mr Rudd’s distractions… I don’t want furphies like this to distract people’s attention from the main issues of this campaign.”

Labor stopped taking donations from tobacco companies in 2004 while the Coalition continued to accept them, reaping millions of dollars in contributions.

”They’re young, they’re feisty,” Mr Abbott said. ”I can probably say have a bit of sex appeal. And are just very, very connected with the local area.”

Abbott Lifesaver

Coalition frontbencher Christopher Pyne joined the chorus of Liberal politicians making light of Mr Abbott’s sex appeal comment, telling reporters on Wednesday: “I wish people would describe me as having sex appeal, but they don’t.”

Half Pyne

NBN: “Need Broadband Now” in Coffs.

NBNCo Pic01

The Coffs Harbour local paper has a piece on their problems with the NBN rollout. As they should.
The paper is part of the APN media group.
Here is the history behind the good people in Coffs now being forced to wait for Broadband.

Sadly, the paper’s coverage of the NBNCo rollout and fibre  coverage in the Coffs Harbour area has been disputative rather than informative, publishing regular objections on the cost  and progress from the local Member, Mr Hartsuyker, leaving the sensible advice and general ignorance to their comments pages.

PolitiFact: Is Labor’s bank deposits levy a new tax?

The claim

Coalition frontbencher Luke Hartsuyker says Kevin Rudd wants to “put his hand in the pockets of those people who have prudently saved”.

Luke Hartsuyker Fact Checker is savings levy a tax?
Luke Hartsuyker’s claim is mostly false.

He has told the Coffs Coast Advocate: “Under Labor you will effectively be taxed twice on your savings – once when you earn the money and again when it sits in the bank.”

Fact: Is Labor’s bank deposits levy a new tax?.

NBN Lite

Technerd Abbott

“In 1929 the Postmaster-General’s Department devised a plan of national broadcasting, having its object the provision of fading free broadcasting service to at least 95 per cent of the population of the Commonwealth and a reasonably good service to the remainder of the people in the remote areas.